Valleroy / Frioux Family Photos

Theresa (Frioux) & Ferdinand Valleroy

Theresa & Ferdinand Valleroy -- This was their (50th?) wedding anniversary.


Cora (Valleroy) Schulte, Rose (Valleroy) Wingerter, Mary (Valleroy) Lukefahr. -- Daughters of Theresa & Ferdiand Back row: All unknown, Front row: unk., Ferdinand, Theresa, Cora (Valleroy) Schulte. -- These are beleived to be the children and in-laws of Theresa & Ferdinand.

First three are unk., Cora (Valleroy) Schulte , unk. -- The first two are Cora's sisters Rose and Mary, but I do not know which one is which. The two men are her brothers.

dennisvalleroy1.jpg (84694 bytes) dennisvalleroy2.jpg (78874 bytes) ellievalleroy.jpg (33084 bytes) Louisvalleroy1.jpg (98753 bytes)
Dan (Dennis) Valleroy Louis (Louie) Valleroy Ellie (Valleroy) Weisler  Dennis (Dan) Valleroy       
mariewhissler.jpg (26836 bytes) lillvalleroy.jpg (72930 bytes) billvalleroy2.jpg (74162 bytes) clarencevalleroy1.jpg (63692 bytes)
Marie Weisler (Dau. of Ellie) Lill Valleroy Bill (Brushy) Valleroy  Clarence Valleroy
margaretvalleroy1.jpg (140895 bytes) margaretvalleroy3.jpg (104490 bytes)    
Margaret (Valleroy) Bachmann Margaret (Valleroy) Bachmann    

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The Valleroy Family

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I want to thank Cindy Brigham, the photos from
Dan  to  Margaret  Valleroy are from her.
Thanks Cindy.

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